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Rachael Thompson
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I have been interested in the development of Internet of Things (IOT) applications for a while now. It amazes, confounds, and excites me. I like to think about how people 100 years ago would marvel at such technological advancements and how people 500 years ago would prosecute us for witchcraft.

If you think about it, we all look like modern wizards. We walk around talking to objects that make things happen. Instead of wands, they are various types of hardware; instead of spells, they’re invocations to illicit scripts.

“Alexa, order my fav from Pizza Hut.”

As we roll into summer and things are heating up, I couldn’t help but think … HOTFIXES. Hotfixes were something I used to dread. If we were coming up on a shaky release, I would hardly be able to sleep fearing the worst thing I could imagine… a hotfix. As we deployed I would cross my fingers and toes hoping that all would be well.

This was the case 90% of the time. However, there were those cringy instances occasionally and I knew that something needed to be done. I learned how to operationalize, prepare for and focus the team…

We are excited to announce that the BigCommerce Product Sort Order API is now available. This API gives developers the ability to choose the order of products in your catalog, and display those products programmatically through the API on the BigCommerce platform.

Why Product Sorting

Product sorting is an important aspect of visual merchandising that affects sales, conversions, and churn. Merchants with a large number of products can risk losing sales if shoppers can’t easily find what they are looking for on the first category page they view.

The ability to manage product sort order also allows agencies and merchants to update their…

What is the Headless Commerce Summit?

The Headless Commerce Summit is a Jamstack focused commerce event presented by Netlify. This is a must-attend event for anyone interested in headless commerce. It has been running for two years now virtually and will hopefully continue to be presented annually.

The Headless Commerce Summit site says,

“Join decision makers, technologists, and e-commerce experts for a one-day deep dive into how you can leverage the Jamstack to take advantage of this new headless approach.

Accessibility and Inclusion on the JAMstack.

Did you know that about 15% of the world’s population has some difference in ability according to the World Bank? That is equivalent to one billion people. From that it is estimated that between one-hundred and two-hundred million people have some severe difference in ability.

A supercharged developer.

With the help of GitHub Actions, you can streamline your BigCommerce theme development process, allowing you to iterate faster by automatically deploying your changes. GitHub Actions allows you to trigger events based on actions. In this case, when you push your changes to the main branch or merge a branch into the main branch you can automate the process of running the Stencil command to push your theme changes to your BigCommerce store and applying that theme to your store.

What are GitHub Actions?

Very similar to Jenkins and Circle CI, GitHub Actions is a feature on GitHub that allows you to automate all…

Long before my time as a developer, I was a teacher. I developed curriculum, and cultivated young minds. I like to think that I know a good education program when I see one — a bit of a “connoisseur of fine learning”, if you will.

This weekend I began the Postman 30 Day Challenge . I was genuinely interested, because I love, and use Postman almost everyday. Also, based on the posts I saw in the community, people looked really into it.

I am only on day 4, and what I have learned in 3 days has me stoked to…

Are you a technical professional? Do you have experience in or knowledge of building software for the calculation and handling of taxes? Do you know what nexus is?

If so, you’re in luck, as the Tax Provider API was designed with you in mind. You can now build and integrate tax solutions to BigCommerce. Whether you represent a tax SaaS platform or an enterprise business with an in-house, custom tax solution, you can seamlessly integrate into BigCommerce.

What Is the Tax Provider API?


The BigCommerce Tax Provider API is a set of endpoints that allows 3rd-party tax providers to return B2C sales tax quotes to a…

Developer Advocate — Rachael Thompson Badge

Welcome to the BigCommerce Employee Spotlight. Each month, we’ll chat with an employee who works on the BigCommerce product. These are the folks behind the scenes who are crafting the BigCommerce developer experience, from SDKs and APIs to themes and documentation. Discover what they’re building, their tools of the trade, and learn about the technologies they’re passionate about.

Hi Rachael, Tell me about your path to BigCommerce.

My path to BigCommerce is one that I think is fairly common. Tech girl goes to LinkedIn, see’s an awesome tech company. Tech girl fills out an application for her dream job. …

Next.js logo hero image
Next.js logo hero image

In development, we have a tendency to follow the next big evolutionary thing. As technologists, we are insatiable. We crave new input constantly and the need to learn something new drives us and our work forward — always evolving into the future.

Next Commerce represents the latest step forward for BigCommerce headless integrations. Built in partnership with the Next.js and Vercel teams, developers can now deploy a headless application that is completely integrated with BigCommerce in minutes. It is the first development of its kind from either Next or BigCommerce.

We are so excited about what Next Commerce enables for…

Rachael Thompson

BigCommerce Developer Advocate, Educator, Tech Enthusiast

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